The 15 Best Jokes and Moments from The Guardians of the Galaxy

We don’t have a Zune, but we do have mix of the funniest moments from Peter Quill and crew
The 15 Best Jokes and Moments from The Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy are on their third and probably final adventure (at least with James Gunn involved), so, like several Marvel fans likely looking back through their Blu-rays or their Disney+ account, we’ve rewatched the previous films to catch up. While filled with standard stuff we’ve come to expect from superhero adventures, the GOTG series is not short on laughs either, containing some of the MCU’s most genuinely funny moments aside from the typical Marvel “Yep, my comic book character name is _____, isn’t that awkward/lame in the 2010s/2020s?” humor.

So before getting ready to bawl our eyes out at a talking tree, we curated a comedic mix-tape of some of the funniest jokes and moments from the Guardian crew...

Drax Asking the Most Important Question

‘Buncha Jackasses, Standing in a Circle’

In an improvised line, Rocket calls out a common trope within emotional team-up moments in films.

Drax’s Literal Interpretations

Given that Drax’s people aren’t familiar with metaphors, he takes comments at their word. Don’t ever accuse anything of going over his head.

Teen Groot Talking Back to Star-Lord

Groot is in his rebellious teen phase in Avengers: Infinity War and says something shockingly surprising and rude when being asked to put away his video game.

Drax Being Brutal With Mantis’ Looks

Drax shares his disgust of Mantis’ looks in the most affectionately kind way possible.

‘He’s Like a Pirate Had a Baby With an Angel’

The Guardians respond to a distress signal to rescue Thor in Avengers: Infinity War, and much to Peter’s chagrin, the crew instantly fawns over the manly Asgardian.

Thor’s Farewell in ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’

In the fourth Thor film, Odinson gives an emotional goodbye to the Guardians — well, at least an emotional goodbye for him.

Mantis Reveals Star-Lord’s Crush

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Mantis shows off her powers as an empath at the expense of Peter Quill, much to Drax’s delight.

Drax’s Invisibility Powers

After Gamora and Peter kiss, it’s revealed that Drax was watching the entire time, believing he was cloaked by his own invisibility powers.

Peter Deepening His Voice to Match Thor

Feeling threatened by Thor’s presence, Quill drops his best impression of the Asgardian to save face in front of his crew. It fails. Miserably.

Drax and Mantis Go Hollywood

During The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Drax and Mantis meet cosplayers of their Avenger friends, Drax gets to punch out Cykill from the GoBots and they get some cash posing for pics.

Groot’s Bomb Instructions

Baby Groot is doing his best to remember how the detonator works, but nothing sticks. If only somebody had some tape…

Rocket’s Running Gag Regarding Artificial Body Parts

Throughout the series, Rocket has at least one bit regarding acquiring a replacement body part from somebody for no apparent reason aside from his own amusement. The topper is during The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special when Nebula gifts Rocket with The Winter Soldier’s vibranium arm.

Jackson Pollock Painting

Witness Star-Load Star-Lord drop the first and probably last jizz joke in the MCU.

The Kidnapping of Kevin Bacon

To help Peter have a Merry Christmas, Drax and Mantis kidnap his childhood idol, Kevin Bacon, as a Christmas present. The entire scene alone makes this holiday special, a new yearly addition to the Christmas watchlist.

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