The Real Lesson of James Gunn Coming Back To 'Guardians 3'

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Let's say you've run a successful social media campaign to get director James Gunn fired from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 by clutching your pearls over some of his gross old Twitter jokes (and not caring that he's already apologized for them, and ignoring that he doesn't make those kinds of jokes anymore). How would you react upon hearing that Gunn was almost immediately hired to direct what is being reported as a complete reboot of Suicide Squad, and then hear that he's getting his Guardians 3 job back?

Would you then prove that your whole campaign was a disingenuous smear campaign against a prominent figure you disagree with politically by siding with Tucker Carlson when old audio surfaces of the Fox News shouting head defending child rapists and calling Iraqis "semi-literate primitive monkeys?"

Well if you're Mike Cernovich, the guy who kicked off the whole debacle that got Gunn fired in the first place, that's exactly what you do. Huh?

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To be fair, James Gunn is what happens if you described a mugger to a police sketch artist using only the word "edgelord."

We guess the lesson here is to never, ever accidentally prove you're as much of a human ogre as you claim everybody else is. The end result is uncomfortable and weird, and makes you look like some sort of bargain-bin knockoff of Heath Ledger's Joker, who instead of committing diabolical crimes, just shouts a lot on the internet. Seriously, nobody would read Batman comics if the Joker pulled that shit daily.

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