20 Swoon-Worthy First Kisses in Movies

We don't just like gritty, dark stuff in movies, you know.
20 Swoon-Worthy First Kisses in Movies

In this Pictofact, we continue our scholarly study of rom-com tropes, in this case particularly focused on first kisses. Unlike other tropes like the meet-cute, however, the first kiss offers more flexibility. Characters have to meet, obviously, but the moment their first kiss arrives can happen early on, later in the story, and even take place in situations and ways that can give it a further twist. But wait — come to think about it, the first kiss is not even a rom-com trope…

Alright, we now take a look at 20 swoon-worthy first kisses in movies in general. As we will now see, even dramas and action movies have fantastic first kisses. We mostly went with a bunch of rom-coms, because of course we did, but we also considered a few surprising films that nevertheless have that sweet, sweet moment. For example, did Cannibal Holocaust have a first kiss? Yeah, probably, in the prom scene. In any case, first kisses are adorable — or so we assume, that’s what we have been told by movies, and trust us, movie tropes are not meet-cute material. Anyway, let’s triangular-gaze some movie first kisses!

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