20 Adorable Meet Cutes (To Daydream About While We Grow Old Alone)

Why doesn't this ever happen to us?
20 Adorable Meet Cutes (To Daydream About While We Grow Old Alone)

We here at Cracked love romantic comedies. Sure, their implications are sometimes awkward, and some of them have even aged like, well, like ideological vessels of outdated gender stereotypes. Still, when they’re good, they’re good. But there is no denying the rom-com genre is full of established tropes. Some movies subvert them, some movies follow them closely. Among the pantheon of romcom tropes, however, one of them stands tall, and by “tall” we mean stumbling adorably while we bump our heads with it while trying to help it pick up its notebooks. Yes, tropes can have notebooks, it’s called suspension of disbelief.

The trope we’re referring to is, of course, the meet cute. The meet cute is pretty much everywhere in our favorite romcoms. You know how it goes: our protagonists have to meet eventually (and we’re not saying “initially,” because master romcomer Nora Ephron already taught us they can meet at the end). And when they do meet, it’ll be magic (or not, Nora Ephron also taught us that), it’ll be sweet and awkward and witty – and the sexual tension? Ooh, boy. In this Pictofact, then, we offer you 20 adorable meet cutes to remember, to even watch again, and to daydream about as you wonder why this never happens to you. To you, we mean. We’re totally not talking about ourselves. Nope, no siree. Anyway, we have to go buy kitty litter, fingers crossed for a cat poop-themed meet cute!

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