All the Celebs Who Appeared on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Before They Were Stars

Arguing with Larry David is the path to fame and fortune
All the Celebs Who Appeared on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Before They Were Stars

Curb Your Enthusiasm has featured a number of celebrity guest stars over the years, from Ted Danson to Elizabeth Banks to Ted Danson to Michael J. Fox, and, oh hey, it’s Ted Danson again.

But looking back on the series as a whole, some of the biggest stars that have appeared on Curb weren’t actually stars at the time. Yes, since it’s been on the air longer than some A-list stars have even been alive, several Curb Your Enthusiasm actors became household names after they were forced to put up with Larry’s nonsense, such as…

Anton Yelchin

The late Yelchin, who would go on to star in Green Room and Star Trek, was just a teenager when he appeared on Curb — but his talent was immediately apparent in his hilarious performance as a kid who unflinchingly refuses to give up the secrets of his card trick to Larry.

Zachary Levi

Before he reached fame with ChuckShazam and embarrassing Instagram meltdowns, Levi showed up on Curb as a “dubious” New York bellboy who doesn’t get a tip.

Mindy Kaling

Just months after the U.S. remake of The Office premiered, Kaling landed a minor but memorable role on Curb, playing Richard Lewis’ assistant who bursts into tears upon learning (from Larry) that her boss is gravely ill. 


Melissa McCarthy

Even though she appears only briefly, a pre-Bridesmaids McCarthy made a big impact as the enthusiastic toy store employee who’s forced to contend with Larry’s inappropriate questions about a bi-racial doll. 

Ken Jeong

The same year Jeong was launched to stardom in The Hangover, he played a very small role in Curb as a random bystander who is forced to give up his Yankees jersey to Leon, who’s acting on Larry’s behalf. Ken and a gang of his buddies get their revenge on Larry in the end.


Jorge Garcia

Garcia was asked to audition for Lost specifically because J.J. Abrams saw him in Curb Your Enthusiasm and told the other producers, “We’ve got to get that guy.” Garcia plays a weed dealer who sells Larry a $200 ounce of Schwag.

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