If A New Ken Jeong Sitcom Lives, Can ‘Masked Singer’ Finally Die?

If ‘10% Happier’ means no ‘Masked Singer,’ we’ll be 100 percent happier
If A New Ken Jeong Sitcom Lives, Can ‘Masked Singer’ Finally Die?

Does good news for Ken Jeong mean fantastic news for the rest of us? Variety is reporting that Fox has signed up Jeong to star in 10% Happier, a comedy based on Dan Harris’ popular book and podcast. The original material is about a guy who has to make major changes in his life after a panic attack at work, which has us thinking: If Jeong is going to deliver the goods on a new scripted comedy, won’t he have to make some healthy alterations to his current job schedule? And if that means the execrable Masked Singer, now in its 9th mind-numbing season, has to die, wouldn’t we all be 100% happier?

We’re only looking out for Jeong here. We’re happy that the former doctor found a steady gig on Fox reality shows, not only showing up to make batshit-crazy guesses on Singer (The Yeti is Justin Timberlake! The Flower is Bjork! The Starfish is Barack Obama!) but also lending his particular brand of insanity to The Masked Dancer and I Can See Your Voice. But with the inevitable blockbuster success of 10% Happier, Fox can cancel them all to let Jeong focus on his new baby.

And let’s not forget the Community movie. “Real talk,” he confessed to Jennifer Hudson, “I’m just so grateful to be a part of it.” Movies are demanding, with long hours and pages of lines to memorize, and we’re certain Jeong wants to give it his best. Sorry, Masked Singer, but Jeong’s other commitments mean it’s time to hang it up.

And it’s not like Masked Singer has been doing the guy any favors lately. When the show unmasked Rudy Giuliani as the crooner inside Jack in the Box last season, Jeong walked off the set in disgust.

It’s clear from the video that Jeong knew who was inside the costume, skulking off with the words, “And I’m done.” Co-star Robin Thicke had to run after Jeong to make sure he was all right. But with today’s news, Jeong doesn’t have to take it anymore. If he was just holding on for the paycheck, he just got a reason to be 10% Happier and leave the show forever. 

So benevolent Fox overlords, for the love of Ken and all of humanity, please be done with Masked Singer. After all, ratings are “down sharply” from last year. 

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