Every ‘SNL’ Performer Who Appeared on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Ranked

Some are pretty, prettaaay, prettaay good
Every ‘SNL’ Performer Who Appeared on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Ranked

Curb Your Enthusiasm has featured numerous guest stars over the years, many of whom were just Ted Danson over and over again. But weve also gotten several Curb performances from former cast members of Saturday Night Live, a show that Larry David briefly wrote for before quitting. He later strip-mined his SNL experiences for Seinfeld ideas (up to and including his quitting). 

Here is the definitive (and were guessing only) ranking of Curb appearances made by SNL alum. (Note: This list only features on-air talent; writers such as J.B. Smoove and Bob Odenkirk dont count.)

David Spade

The star of Joe Dirt 2 is at the bottom of the list only because we dont even get to hear his voice; his presence only serves to enrage Larry, who spies Spade sitting courtside at a Lakers game with the head of NBC while hes stuck in the nosebleed seats like a commoner. 

Brad Hall

The one-time Weekend Update anchor, and husband to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, appeared in two episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, playing himself — although he only showed up as a function of his wifes storyline and didnt have much to do.

Jon Rudnitsky

While he only appeared in one season of SNL (Season 11), Rudnitsky was set to play the lead role in LarryYoung Sheldon-esqe vanity project — that is until Larry (in an especially uncomfortable plotline) decides to poke fun at his claims of being a victim of sexual abuse as a teenager.

Tim Kazurinsky

His time at SNL ended the same year David’s began, but Kazurinsky showed up in Season Three of Curb as Hugh, one of Larrys fellow restaurant investors who understandably doesnt appreciate his new friend awkwardly complimenting his sons endowment.

Fred Armisen

Armisen was cast as a disabled man for some reason. The joke is mainly that hes super slow at doing things, which… isn't funny? Still, Armisen has some great moments, such as when hes sent to spy on Susie, who may or may not be planning to murder Jeff.

Ana Gasteyer

Gasteyer was mostly wasted as Elizabeth, one of Larrys girlfriends, who becomes enraged when he buys her son a sewing machine for his birthday. One of the rare instances where Larry is 100 percent in the right and still gets screamed at. 

Gary Kroeger

Larry begins to suspect that the local weatherman – sorry meteorologist (played by Kroeger) is giving bogus reports, forecasting rain on sunny days purely in order to have the golf course all to himself.

Kevin Nealon

Nealon plays it totally straight as a fictional version of himself, who takes issue with Larrys nonchalance after potentially driving an acquaintance to attempt suicide.

Michael McKean

The great McKean played a struggling TV director who was stuck in the dramedy ghetto after helming the cancer scare episode of Home Improvement. He later gleefully spreads a Richard Gere-esque rumor that Larry stuck a gerbil up his ass.

Martin Short

While not very consequential, who can forget the time Larry ran into Short on the street and attempted to learn how to do the Jiminy Glick voice at the expense of his own social standing.

Michaela Watkins

One of several members of a neighboring womens shelter to face Larrys wrath, Watkins is chewed out for not cleaning up her dogs poop. Larry later apologizes to her but refuses to say sorry to her dog.

Tim Meadows

One of the all-time great SNL cast members, no one nailed simmering Larry David-inspired rage quite like Meadows as Hal. Even before his wifes dog is trampled by Larrys exterminator, Hal seems completely exasperated by Larry. Things reach a tipping point when Larry and Leon accidentally switch phones:

Chris Parnell

After Susie decides to separate couples at her dinner party, Larry is seated next to some rando named Hank, played by Parnell, who proceeds to make awkward small talk about how hes not a fan of the Spanish.

Cheri Oteri

Oteri played the titular Nanny From Hell, who becomes especially unhinged after Larry insists on using the main house bathroom during a pool party, which ultimately leads to her firing.

Albert Brooks

Technically, the legendary Brooks wasnt an SNL cast member per se, but his films were a recurring segment in the first season, so we think he counts. On Curb, he helped try to fill the void left by the death of his brother Bob Einstein (who played Marty Funkhouser) by appearing in the 11th season premiere as himself. However, after staging a mock funeral, the attendees (including Jon Hamm) turn on Brooks after discovering that hes a COVID hoarder.

David Koechner

A far cry from Todd Packer, Koechner played the understated but opportunistic actor portraying Joseph during a live nativity scene that eventually erupts into yuletide chaos.

Nasim Pedrad

Larry quibbles with the price of a haircut and ends up completely ruining a strangers relationship. Underrated SNL star Pedrad gets to deliver the line: What kind of psychopath interferes with the nuances of a lesbian wedding?!

Bill Hader

In a storyline that bordered on the surreal, Hader showed up as three different characters, apparent triplets from some undefined country: Igor, Gregor and Timor — who all refuse to admit to their familial connection. It was definitely odd, but undeniably funny.

Ben Stiller

Remember how Stiller was on SNL for just one month? He likely got more airtime on Curb, where he played Larrys co-star in The Producers (before bowing out and being replaced by David Schwimmer). Stillers reverse-chemistry with Larry was perfect, from his annoyance at Larrys aversion to the Happy Birthday song to his near blinding due to a mishandled food skewer. 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Appearing in multiple seasons as herself, Louis-Dreyfus was one of the best early additions to the series, as she was constantly thrown into awkward situations by Larry, putting up with nocturnal visits and one memorably interminable trip to Larrys neighbors house.

Of course, she later participated in the Seinfeld reunion show — and had to defend her respect for wood.

All in all, it was pretty, prettaaay, prettaaay good.

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