HBO’s Veep opened a door to the real-world conversations politicians have behind closed doors. At least, we assume that’s what goes on, as Julia Louis Dreyfus’s character, Selina Meyer, was so convincing she received six Emmys. Meyer’s foul mouth and brutal work tactics gave us some great burns over the show’s seven seasons, so here are 15 of the most heinous (in a good way).

So That’s A No

Selina Meyer Veep


“Let’s see I’d rather set fire to my vulva…so that’s a no.”

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this I'd have two nickels from when I first heard it and when I had to look it up again just now.

Explaining Gravity To A Chicken

Cliff Veep


“Amy This is like explaining gravity to a chicken.”

Cliff’s reaction to Meyers’s white-hot rage is exactly how I would react in the same situation. Like making eye contact with a god before your body turns to ash. See the full video here.

What The F*ck Amy

“I am putting out two fires in there and I turn around to find out that you set fire to the f***ing firetruck?”

This whisper-screaming rant at Amy showcases Julia’s talent for switching from berating to proper etiquette like a light.

Selina On People

Selina Meyer Tony Hale Veep


“Really Amy? Because I’ve met some people. Real people. And a lot of them are f***ing idiots.”

The sooner you learn this in life the better. This applies to everyone except the person reading this, specifically.

Throw Up A Leg

Selina Meyer Tony Hale Veep


“I am going to throw up a leg. Then I am going to take that leg and beat Scott to death with it.”

Use this burn the next time you eat an entire leg.

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Top Image: HBO

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