‘Succession’ Writers Kept That Massive Spoiler A Secret With the Codename ‘Larry David’

HBO’s best-kept secret was concealed by its second crankiest old man
‘Succession’ Writers Kept That Massive Spoiler A Secret With the Codename ‘Larry David’

If you haven’t watched the most recent episode of Succession and are sensitive to spoilers, then, to quote a certain someone, kindly “fuck off.”

For those of us both in the know and still in shock, Succession writer and producer Georgia Pritchett explained how she and the rest of the writing team successfully kept the secret of television’s most anticipated twist at a network known for having more leaks than the Iron Fleet. Barely a half decade after the entire last chapter of Game of Thrones was spoiled ahead of its Season 8 premiere, HBO carefully managed to keep the abrupt departure of Brian Cox’s domineering patriarch Logan Roy under wraps until the climactic moment in this past Sunday’s episode.

Yesterday, director Mark Mylod told Variety that he had Cox continue to film on set throughout the rest of Season 4 production despite his character’s early demise, shooting “dummy scenes” with fake scripts that never were part of the Succession canon. Then, early this morning, Pritchett tweeted about the “code word” used in the writers’ rooms to protect the state secrets from Succession snoops – they referred to Logan’s Death as “Larry David.” They better not have jinxed Curb.

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