‘Party Down’ Revival Trailer Features Nick Offerman, Quinta Brunson and Jennifer Garner Because They Want People to Actually Watch It This Time

‘Party Down’ Revival Trailer Features Nick Offerman, Quinta Brunson and Jennifer Garner Because They Want People to Actually Watch It This Time

Between the second season of How I Met Your Father, the premiere of That ‘90s Show and now the revival of Party Down, 2023 appears to be the year of the 2000s sitcom. This calls for a celebration – and we know exactly who we want to cater it.

Party Down, the Adam Scott and Ken Marino-led Starz sitcom about a Los Angeles catering company composed of struggling artists, ran for just two seasons from 2009-2010. Despite rave reviews from critics, Party Down put up absolutely paltry Nielsen ratings – the Season 2 finale barely amassed 70,000 viewers before Starz put Party Down out to pasture. However, the sitcom slowly accrued a cult following in the years after its abysmal original run as Party Down consistently landed on lists of the “most underrated shows of the 2000s.” With Scott's stock at an all-time high following an Emmy nomination for his performance in Severance, Starz is ready to launch their unexpected but entirely welcome comeback season for Party Down on February 24. 

The recently released trailer featured a couple flashy guest stars and a dazzling new addition to the Party Down cast, which shows that Starz is set on finally getting the sitcom to out-perform an amateur oboe recital on a Tuesday morning.

Party Down fans will notice an unfortunate absence in the star-studded trailer – Fleischman is in Trouble’s Lizzy Caplan was unable to return to the cast for a third season due to scheduling issues. However, Scott, Marino, Martin Starr, Megan Mullally, Jane Lynch and the rest of the catering crew will be joined by Golden Globe-winner Jennifer Garner in a starring role. The guest stars for the six-episode third season include Scott’s Parks and Recreation co-star Nick Offerman, Abbott Elementary star and creator Quinta Brunson, Saturday Night Live veteran Bobby Moynihan and the unrealistically handsome James Marsden.

The Party Down trailer has already reached over 1.3 million views in the 24 hours since it launched, which is higher than the total number of viewers for the show’s entire second season during its original airing. It's unclear whether the interest in the revival comes from the star power of Scott, Garner and the rest of the big names attached to the project or from a cult following that finally reached mainstream status, but it seems cautiously likely that Season 3 will be slightly more popular than its predecessor. This time around, Party Down might even have an audience large enough for a serious party - we're hoping for a rager.

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