Future Superstars Hidden In The Cast Of Wet Hot American Summer

Camp Firewood turned out to be a pretty great resume builder.
Future Superstars Hidden In The Cast Of Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer is a cult classic among comedy nerds everywhere, and holds up through the years. One area in which it's not only held up, but perhaps grown even more impressive in retrospect is its casting, which featured both surprising gets and many actors on the cusp of their breakout. It's hard to watch comedy, or TV in general these days, without spotting a Camp Firewood Alumni. Here's 10 you may recognize.

David Hyde Pierce CRACKED. .COM David Hyde Pierce played Henry, and while famous already for the role of Niles Crane, WHAS was when we finally got to see him in short shorts.
Bradley Cooper CRACKED.com Wet Hot American Summer was Bradley Cooper's feature film debut, as multi-poloed prepster Ben. Now, your mom knows him as the handsome Hangover guy.
H. Jon Benjamin Dozinshy! Quality MIXED VEGETABLES (426g) CRACKED.COM H. Jon Benjamin's voice is all over television these days, namely as Archer Sterling and Bob Belcher. But WHAS utilized that voice early on... as a can of vegetables.
Elizabeth Banks CRACKED.COM Elizabeth Banks played camp heartthrob Lindsay, launching a long and prolific comedic career, and beginning her reign as a comedy nerd crush icon.
Paul Rudd GRACKED.COM Rudd played petulant bad boy Andy. Andy... sounds like An-T... Ant... Antman! Oh my god, everything's connected! Free will is a myth! Burn it down!
Amy Poehler CRACKED.com Poehler was Cooper's love interest (at least if anybody asked him in public) Susie. Now she's hosting awards shows and founded comedy titan UCB.
A.D. Miles CRACKED.co Miles, who played Gary, might not get the facetime of the other stars, but has been the head writer of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon since 2009.
Chris Meloni CRACKED.COM Meloni played cook Gene, though now known primarily as Elliot Stabler, Law & Order: SVU detective and omnipresent face between 2-4 AM on cable.
Ken Marino CRACKED COM Before Ken Marino conquered comedy's confident jock market, popping up in just about everything, he played Victor, and sadly, retired this amazing hair.
Judah Friedlander CRACKED.co Before Judah Friedlander and a walk-in closet's worth of novelty trucker hats were an iconic part of 30 Rock's on-screen writer's room, he played Ron.
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