Hide the Cheerleaders, Pete Davidson Is Somehow Captain of a Pro Bowl Team

He can at least say ‘Go long’ with authority
Hide the Cheerleaders, Pete Davidson Is Somehow Captain of a Pro Bowl Team

What’s more ridiculous than a Pro Bowl featuring 7-on-7 flag football as a showcase for the game’s greatest players? How about those WTF team captains -- Snoop Dogg and perennial cheerleader chaser Pete Davidson

At least we get the connection to Snoop, a huge football fan and a performer at last year’s Pro Bowl halftime show. His son, Cordell Broadus, was a 4-star prospect who committed to play Division I ball at UCLA. And Snoop himself created the Snoop Youth Football League, an L.A.-based program for inner-city kids. Now he’s partnering with head coach Peyton Manning to lead the AFC squad. "I'm comin' back to the NFL field, but this time, instead of performing, I'm going head-to-head with Pete and competing for the title of The Pro Bowl Games Champion," Snoop told PEOPLE

“Head to head with Pete?” We’re pretty sure Snoop could take Davidson in just about any football skills competition you could dream up. After all, what’s Pete’s pigskin connection? Well, he does have an on-again-off-again bromance Instagram account with NFC head coach Eli Manning. (It’s currently off again.) Does that count?


What comes between Pete and his Calvin Kleins? A Giants helmet, apparently.

The real reason Pete signed up, besides the cheerleaders? "I'm doing this to impress my Uncle Mike." We’re hoping Pete gets pancaked by Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett, something that would get both Uncle Mike and America off the couch and cheering. 

The NFL has its own comedy planned for Pro Bowl weekend in Las Vegas. While it makes sense to not destroy careers by having All-Pros beat the crap out of each other in an exhibition game, the traditional all-star contest has been replaced with events straight out of a 1978 edition of Battle of the Network Stars.

Are you ready for Pat Mahomes vs. Kirk Cousins in a ferocious dodgeball match?  How about that Cowboys kicker who missed four extra points last week in a game of Kick Tac Toe? If you’ve always wondered how long Aaron Donald can drive a golf ball, the Pro Bowl Games are right up your alley.  All we know is that with Pete and Snoop as captains, a viewer contact high is all but guaranteed.

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