11 Athletes Who Won the Comedy MVP

Who says jocks can't be jocular?
11 Athletes Who Won the Comedy MVP

High school can permanently change the way we think. Not just in terms of all the subjects and facts that you learn, but how you view the world. Some people never escape the trap of thinking of everything and everyone in terms of the very temporary and arbitrary cliques and crews that make up the high school social ecosystem. In that world, nerds can't get dates, jocks can't be funny blah blah blah.

The fact is, people are pretty multi dimensional. While it might be a little unfair, it turns out there are plenty of athletes who also have a pretty great sense of humor.

We found nearly a dozen sports stars who made us give more than a chuckle.

For example, Peyton Manning absolutely crushed his skit on SNL as the worst children's sports coach of all time.

Who says jocks can't be jocular? Sorry, comedy nerds, the jocks are coming after you again. This time using wit, not brawn. And these 11 athletes succeeded. 

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