Watch This Forbidden Steven Seagal ‘SNL’ Supercut While You Still Can

Rare footage of the ‘Worst Episode in ‘SNL’ History’ somehow remains on YouTube — for now
Watch This Forbidden Steven Seagal ‘SNL’ Supercut While You Still Can

It would be easier to find footage of Bigfoot riding the Loch Ness Monster than it would be to legally obtain a video of Steven Seagal’s infamous Saturday Night Live monologue.

Seagal, the ponytail-sporting, teenager-groping karate star of the early 1990s, is consistently ranked at the top of lists of the absolute worst SNL hosts in the show’s half-century history. Seagal is also one of the most profoundly banned individuals at 30 Rock — so much so that every mention, transcript and clip of the action star’s 1991 appearance on the sketch show has been scrubbed from the archives, with the exception of a single passable sketch wherein Seagal plays a mostly-sedate father whose daughter is dating Chris Farley.

Though Seagal’s episode remains available for streaming on Peacock, every one of his appearances on the episode save the Farley sketch has been erased – you can’t even find a transcript of his opening monologue through any legal channels. However, one 60-second supercut of Seagal’s disastrous appearance somehow has remained on YouTube for eight months now, and if you’re the kind of person who can’t turn away from train wrecks, you should watch it ASAP before an army of Lorne Michaels’ lawyers eliminate the video and “disappear” those responsible for its dissemination. 

It’s a testament to the patience of the famously put-upon SNL cast members that Seagal even made it across the finish line that fateful Saturday night. Every celebrity who was around in the early 1990s has a horrible story to tell involving Steven Seagal, but the SNL gig is the most notorious for the high number of superstars Seagal offended, the sheer inadequacy of his comedic chops and the fact that, apparently, Michaels was pondering the unprecedented move of firing Seagal from the hosting job as late as the Wednesday before the show.

Michaels’ animosity toward his show’s most infamous host extends to the furthest reaches of the internet, so don’t expect this Seagal sampler to stay up forever. What goes up, must come down – especially when it involves banned SNL episodes.

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