'Diablo 4' Had A Huge Gameplay Leak (That Everybody Ignored)

Blizzard Is probably glad for GTA 6's even-bigger leak.
'Diablo 4' Had A Huge Gameplay Leak (That Everybody Ignored)

The huge and possibly catastrophic GTA 6 mega leak cast such a shadow over the realm of gamers that nobody cared for another huge leak that just took place, the leak of 40 minutes of Diablo IV gameplay. It's a pretty big (and long) deal.

Nobody knows who leaked it and why, but it seems to be a rare case of a second-hand leak. This means that the footage was first leaked by some guy streaming the game to a limited number of people on Discord, one of which then recorded the whole thing and shared it online for us to see. Sadly for that person, however, the otherwise extremely hype-worthy leak got absolutely overshadowed by the forced early release megaleak of all things GTA 6.

In all fairness, The Diablo IV leak amounts to just gameplay footage, whereas the GTA VI leak is much more insidious. On top of all the alpha footage, the grand theft hacker also gained access to the game's actual code, which he's actively trying to use to extort the company. That, combined with how nobody has been thrilled with Activision Blizzard's inner workings and/or latest games probably undermines this leak a little bit but come on, Diablo 3 is one of the highest-selling pc games of all time. Like, a game of such size and cultural impact that even most of its critics needed to somehow play it for over 1000 hours before realizing that it's absolutely awful, actually.

Top Image: Blizzard

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