'Diablo Immortal' Player Spends $100K, Becomes Too Powerful To Find Matches

'Diablo Immortal' Player Spends $100K, Becomes Too Powerful To Find Matches

A while ago, we talked about how Diablo Immortal achieved a Metacritic rating of 0.7 out of 10, a score so dismal it proved Blizzard has no competitor when it comes to messing up. They've since gotten even better at it, as Immortal has managed to get all the way down to 0.4 out of 10. How did they achieve such a dubious but nonetheless impressive feat? Well, it all comes down to the game's monetization, one that has gotten under fire as players discovered that in order to obtain the best possible equipment, one must spend nearly one hundred thousand dollars on the game. That's pretty dystopian as is, sure, but it turns out that the game can't even please the super-rich.

In what's the most delicious first-world problem in recent memory, a Diablo Immortal player named jtisallbusiness is complaining about having been locked out of playing against others because the obscene amount of money he spent early on the game made him win all matches and thus rendered his matchmaking rating too high to get matched with anyone else. 

the man vs giant meme that originated from dark souls 3

From Software

One of jtisallbusiness' many “fair” fights, probably

While Blizzard still hasn't formally responded to jtisallbusiness' very sympathetic plea, the company was very quick to announce that they're working on fixes to their greatest whale's all matchmaking problems.

obscene piles of gold in diablo

Activision Blizzard

Boy, it sure is lonely at the top – at the top of the mountain of gold that this dude can't climb down from.

We believe we can speak for the entirety of the gaming community when we say that we all hope jtisallbusiness' very pressing issue gets solved soon so that he can resume crushing everyone with his solid diamond hammer.

Top Image: Blizzard

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