Shrek-Themed Raves Are Somehow A Thing

Party like it’s once upon a time.
Shrek-Themed Raves Are Somehow A Thing

It seems like Shrek fans are everywhere these days, often taking their love of America’s favorite CGI green ogre to strange new places; such as the time they spammed an anti-abortion website with Shrek-based erotica, or how they collectively remade the first Shrek movie with a patchwork of increasingly bizarre homemade scenes.

Not to mention the trend of Shrek-themed weddings, which are just like normal weddings but with costumes, green body paint, and a best man who’s a literal ass. 

Well, now, apparently, there is a Shrek rave, which began on St. Patrick’s day this year in Los Angeles. Fans flocked to the sold-out event, many dressed in Shrek (and Shrek-adjacent) costumes, where they enjoyed music, lasers, and “green drinks” presumably made from liquified 20-year-old Twinkies. According to organizer Ka5sh, the Shrek theme is “the right amount of cringe, but also the right amount of nostalgia.”

The event proved so popular that it inspired several other Shrek raves, and now there is a full-blown cross-country tour. Yes, everyone in America will have the chance to hear EDM remixes of Smash Mouth songs (we assume) while grinding up against a stranger in a Lord Farquaad costume. Of course, we also have to point out that packing an indoor space with hundreds of devotees of a character known for his excessive flatulence is perhaps a recipe for disaster. 

But people seem to be having a great time, and as the event’s posters note, it’s “dumb just come have fun.” Whether or not this ends up paving the way for an Antz-themed rave, or a Bee Movie-themed club night, remains to be seen. 

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