Shrek-Themed Raves Are Somehow A Thing

Shrek-Themed Raves Are Somehow A Thing


Not to mention the trend of Shrek-themed weddings, which are just like normal weddings but with costumes, green body paint, and a best man who’s a literal ass. 

The event proved so popular that it inspired several other Shrek raves, and now there is a full-blown cross-country tour. Yes, everyone in America will have the chance to hear EDM remixes of Smash Mouth songs (we assume) while grinding up against a stranger in a Lord Farquaad costume. Of course, we also have to point out that packing an indoor space with hundreds of devotees of a character known for his excessive flatulence is perhaps a recipe for disaster. 

But people seem to be having a great time, and as the event’s posters note, it’s “dumb just come have fun.” Whether or not this ends up paving the way for an Antz-themed rave, or a Bee Movie-themed club night, remains to be seen. 

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