Anti-Abortion Site Being Trolled— Er, Ogred By Shrek Fans

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Anti-Abortion Site Being Trolled— Er, Ogred By Shrek Fans

Following in the grand tradition of GETTR, the now-irrelevant pro-Trump Twitter dupe that was pushed into irrelevancy earlier this summer by an army of trolls – nay, heroes – who boldly flooded the site's QAnon hashtags with a metric crap-ton of hentai, yet another bizarre cause has found itself the latest target of a porn attack – a Texan anti-abortion whistleblowing site.

For those of you lucky few out of the loop when it comes to national politics, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the state's proverbial “heartbeat bill” into law last May, prohibiting abortions after a doctor detects a fetal heartbeat – usually around six weeks -- a window that as many advocates have noted, is well before many people realize they're pregnant. Permitting no exceptions even in instances of sexual assault, rape, incest, and diagnoses of fetal anomaly, the measure has not only been widely dubbed as one of the nation's strictest abortion laws, according to the Washington Post, but also as one of the most bizarrely enforced. Under the bill, citizens –  including individuals outside of Texas – are empowered to sue abortion clinics, patients receiving the procedure, and pretty much everyone else even tangentially involved, even offering a $10,000 reward for each illegal abortion successfully pursued in court. 

“If the barista at Starbucks overhears you talking about your abortion, and it was performed after six weeks, that barista is authorized to sue the clinic where you obtained the abortion and to sue any other person who helped you, like the Uber driver who took you there,” NYU Law professor Melissa Murray told the New York Times of the rule back in July. 

Although the law won't take effect until September 1, pro-life advocates have already created a website facilitating the process of snitching on abortion-havers and apparently, their ride-share drivers,, an online tip line that says it strives to “help enforce the Texas Heartbeat Act" by allowing users to submit an anonymous form, complete with spaces for users to provide visual “evidence."

Yet in the true tradition of the internet being the internet, the site has seemingly found itself overrun with another type of visual evidence – Shrek doing the nasty, at least according to one TikTok-er. 

“Found this website for like anonymously snitching on people who break the Texas heartbeat act,” explained user @williamshaughn in a clip that has since garnered more than 598,000 views. ”You can attach any file you want to it, so I just sent them a bunch of Shrek porn," he continued, scrolling through his several, blurry, green attachments. “You can do it, too!"


However, it seems @williamshaughn is far from alone. According to a now-viral Reddit thread, several concerned citizens have attempted to flood the site with an onslaught of NSFW content, claiming they have sent or plan to send furry porn, bogus reports on Republican state lawmakers, and even a picture of a full menstrual cup. “What if it's an abortion and I don't know?" wrote u/Ephemeralwriting of her theoretical submission. Nice. 

Yet as Dazed noted, content like this accomplishes more than giving the site's staff an, erm, serious eyeful. According to a thread by Claire Ryan, a self-described web developer's, Twitter thread on “how to poison a data set,” overrunning a site's forms with irrelevant, albeit plausible content (in other words, Shrek porn probably won't cut it), can give database administrators a real headache. “Get enough people using random names, from a residential IP, making plausible reports,” she explained, “and you can’t ID the real data in the noise.”

So Texas lawmakers, if you're reading this, remember to take Shrek's iconic advice and please stay the hell out of our swamp – and by “our swamp” I mean our highly personal reproductive choices. 

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