Colorado's Weird, 9/11 Truther Peach Orchard

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Colorado's Weird, 9/11 Truther Peach Orchard

For some, the summer season into early fall is synonymous with the taste of a ripe, juicy peach. Whether it’s a welcome flavor in iced tea, the filling in a piping-hot cobbler, or just eaten on their own in a hammock on a sunny day, they’re a delightful, light-hearted fruit. Hell, the state of Georgia is so proud of their peaches that they’ve made it an indelible portion of their state identity. Other states produce peaches as well, including the state of Colorado. And I have it on good authority that an orchard known as Palisade Peaches grows some of the best peaches a friend has ever had. Check out their website and you’ll find what seems to be your run-of-the-mill folk, proud of their peaches and the expected beautiful orchard photos. A quick history of the company pops up, against a picturesque background:

Growing peaches is an art form - or at least it is when its done right! It takes all the right ingredients to make the sweetest and most flavorful, melt in your mouth peaches. A lot of the ingredients that allow us to grow such exceptional fruit are beyond our control. Temperature, humidity, sunlight, and water are things that are impossible for us to control but exist in a naturally optimal state in the high desert canyons below Colorado's towering Rocky Mountains. Our farm is sheltered at the mouth of the De Beque Canyon, in the historic peach farming community of Palisade Colorado.

So far, all seems well and good in Peach Country. However, tucked away in the top corner of the website, hidden amongst the foliage of an innocuous fruit-based web presence, are a couple eyebrow-furrowing words. Those words are “Palisade Produce supports an honest investigation into the 911 terrorist attacks.” This is followed with the ever-ominous hyperlink, “see more details.” A quick re-scan of the site’s content, reviewing now in a considerably different light, will also reveal a site header that contains small-business stalwarts like “About”, “Activities”, and “Contact”, but also contains a fourth heading, given equal footing, titled simply “911 Investigation.” The strange, seemingly deliberate typo of “911” versus “9/11” only adds to the curiosity.

Palisade Produce

Just when you’re questioning exactly what website you’re on and how you got here, the mystery deepens when the header link leads to a 404 error, and clicking the “More Details” link gives you a popup filled with lorem ipsum. These links to nowhere would offer up the idea that maybe the inclusion of 9/11 trutherism is simply a prank by a disgruntled fiverr web designer hire, or a light-hearted hack by a local Colorado geek or rival peach grower. Maybe even a dark joke or PR stunt by an off-kilter CEO.

But further research reveals that the shoddy proofreading on Palisade Produce’s web presence is not in any way a reflection of anything but a deep and sincere belief that 9/11 was more than it seemed. In fact, it’s a stance they make known to all Palisade Produce purchasers, regardless of whether they decide to seek out the web presence of their favorite peach provider. The ongoing doubts about 9/11, apparently, is such a core tenet of their identity that they print it on every box of peaches they sell.

@mka_ultra on Twitter

On the side of every peach box distributed by Palisade Produce, is, unsurprisingly, the business name, Palisade Produce. However, the company name here is only the start of a printed sentence, followed in LARGER FONT beneath by “SUPPORTS 9/11 TRUTH & JUSTICE.” Then, again, we get further instruction: “See Info On Bottom Of Box.” Because there’s nothing conspiracy theorists love more than to send you on an endless chain of locations for further information like you’re opening an insane cootie catcher.

On the bottom of said box we FINALLY reach our information destination and get some details on just what the Palisade Produce take on the 9/11 attacks were. Well, at least as far as the Twin Towers. For some reason, the fact that the Pentagon was also hit has faded away into almost the obscurity of a trivia question. I guess maybe “The U.S. Military destroyed its own headquarters” is kind of a harder sell. Or is that what they WANT YOU TO THINK? But I digress. Here’s the bottom of this literally cardboard but figuratively tinfoil box:

@mka_ultra on Twitter

For those on mobile or without their reading glasses:

Irrefutable evidence of controlled demolition on 9/11 has been deliberately suppressed. Terrorists destroyed a third skyscraper that was never hit by a plane on that day of evil. World Trade Center 7 was not hit by a plane yet fell in symmetric free fall into its own footprint. Please educate yourself concerning facts and demand action from your federal legislators. Go to:

Don’t bother with the link, as it, predictably, 404s.

It seems that we’ve got a peach grower on our hands that is a classic Loose Change guy. Loose Change, being, of course, the famous 9/11 “documentary” that served as the sort of proto-media for the now massive conspiracy subgenre of YouTube that sits on your sidebar, all too happy to explain why the election was rigged, or Great Replacement theory, or why all women have banded together to withhold sex from roundly unpleasant men.

Now, I’m not going to go into the architectural and seismic reasons that could lead to a massive skyscraper in one of the world’s most densely populated cities being designed to implode in the chance of destruction. This will label me as a sheep and have other 9/11 nuts pointing furiously at their screen so hard they cause a cluster of dead pixels, but I don’t truly think it deserves the airtime.

Colorado natives noticing this little tidbit on the bottom of their fruit boxes even lead to a local news interview with David Cox, the owner of Palisade Produce, who confirmed and doubled down on the theories, saying “This is something that is definitely costing me dearly, but it’s something that I believe wholeheartedly,” Cox said. “I’m definitely going to push it all the way to the end.” Unfortunately for Cox, I think the long-term outlook of him being proven right are less than peachy. I’m sorry, that pun was the pits. Anyways, 9/11 was a terrorist attack, you weirdo.

Top Image: Michael Foran/Pexels

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