'Final Fantasy VII' Makers Now Sell NFTs (While Warning That They're Junk)

At least they're being half honest.
'Final Fantasy VII' Makers Now Sell NFTs (While Warning That They're Junk)

We previously covered how Square Enix sold Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, and the Legacy Of Kain series to another company so they could focus on making money in the definitely-not-ruined blockchain economy. We thought their next step would be dumb, and they didn't disappoint. The once-beloved video game company is now selling an overpriced action figure of Cloud, the protagonist from FFVII. Anyone who knows the company would say that this is just a regular day for Square Enix – and be correct, but it gets worse. Square is also pairing this new Cloud figure with an NFT – yes, Cloud, the environmental activist from Final Fantasy VII is now being bundled with a type of tech that's doing its best to obliterate the environment.

The New Cloud Statue

Square Enix

It Looks neat but it seems pretty overpriced at $140, especially at a time when the inclusion of an NFT should, if anything, make it cheaper.

Seeing how NFTs went from being a thing every dude wanted to become something that companies must now bundle with stuff people actually want paints a pretty ugly NFT picture of the state of the blockchain market right now, and Square Enix is well aware of it. Yeah, even though they're selling it, they're also openly admitting to buyers that they might, at any point, lose access to their newly acquired FFVII NFT. That would be pretty sad news if these things weren't all rendered valueless exactly one second after acquisition – which they'll totally be.

And what better testament to Square Enix's current state of affairs than remembering how this mess somehow isn't even Square Enix's dumbest venture into the world of overpriced statues.

Tifa's weird-ass statue

Square Enix

The only thing Tifa is begging for is to get killed off in Aerith's place in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Top Image: Square Enix


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