What does GTA+, GTA's New Membership Program, Actually Get Gamers?

The only subscription service that'll get you cars every month!
What does GTA+, GTA's New Membership Program, Actually Get Gamers?

Do you ever get the feeling that we as consumers could use more services to subscribe to? Fret not, as Rockstar Games, the people who made Grand Theft Auto V for every single console in existence and will probably keep on making it for all future ones have just announced GTA+, the hot new membership for GTA online. GTA+ is an exclusive program for members of the already exclusive PS5 and Xbox Series X/S owners club that provides access to all sorts of gaming goodies. For just $6 dollars a month, players will be receiving their own salary in GTA money,

GTA Online character enjoying all of his fake money

Rockstar Games

It might not be real money, but at least it's not crypto.

as well as the ability to lay claim to properties all around the city, the access to gameplay updates thought lost to time, and even some cool vehicle upgrades. While Rockstar's move doesn't seem exactly terrible by itself, the success of GTA+ could entice many other companies to push dumb memberships. That's definitely something we don't really need from GTA 6.

But this is a 10-year-old game, how come Rockstar thinks people still care enough about it to spend a monthly fee just to get a few more fancy flying motorcycles, you we all ask? Well, because GTA V is as unstoppable as it has always been. Yeah, it just beat both Gran Turismo 7 and Elden Ring to the top spot in the digital sales charts due to its new release on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. But if you ask us, while the idea of getting loads of new content for such a relatively low price sure is tempting, there's no way we're signing up for a service that doesn't include the only thing we really want: more giant city-destroying robots.

Top Image: Rockstar

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