'Satanic Tea Company' Aims to Make Tea Time Goth Again

The bass, the rock, the mic, the treble, I like my chamomile tea black just like my metal?
'Satanic Tea Company' Aims to Make Tea Time Goth Again

Have you ever sat down to enjoy a nice, warm, relaxing cup of chamomile tea before bed only to feel like something is missing? Could it be a splash of milk? A pinch sugar? A heaping scoop of Satanism? Move over, British people and old ladies, the classic cuppa has just gotten a bit more goth, thanks to the proudly hardcore, sustainably-sourced, small batch loose leaf tea company, Pitch Black North.

With blends including "Satan's Slumber," "Throat of Lucifer," and every white girl's favorite seasonal sip, "Antichrist Pumpkin Spiced," Pitch Black North remains true to its "Satanic Values" with each of its fair-trade tea blends, aiming not to "inform," but to "challenge" its consumers to "look from a different perspective," according to its website.   

"I'm trying to get people interested in tea who normally wouldn't be interested in it, because they have these pre-notions that it's only for strict tea ceremonies and pricey hotels and things like that," founder Dominic Alvernaz told The New York Times. And the hardcore tea brand seems to be doing just that. Between collaborations with thrash metal groups like Cleveland's Midnight and a marketing strategy that includes using beet lattes as a blood substitute ...

... very goth tea parties ...

... and even the occasional fan-art repost ...

... Pitch Black North aims to share its unique brand of what Alvernaz describes as "sketchy, sexy vampire vibes." Although a bit unconventional, this approach seems to be gaining traction, selling like crazy on the tea company's website and garnering a few notable fans, including the lead singer of English extreme metal band, Cradle of Filth, who collaborated with the tea company earlier this year. 

"It was an original avenue for a band to pursue, and on top of all that, being avid tea drinkers, we were totally enamored with the association and the ready supply," Dani Filth said to The New York Times of their partnership with Pitch Black North. "After a long night of bloodletting and virgin defilement, what better way to perk up one's morning (your dusk) than a really good brew?" I, for one, can't think of a better way to start my day. 

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