THAT Controversial 'Star Wars' Scene Is Different On Disney+

It's 2019 and we still don't know who shot first.
THAT Controversial 'Star Wars' Scene Is Different On Disney+

Disney's new streaming service Disney+ is finally here! Many fans are already enjoying some of the studio's least-racist content, while others are simply getting the Happiest Error Message on Earth. Obviously, among the platform's biggest draws are its Star Wars movies and shows, like the new series The Mandalorian, starring Pedro Pascal, Werner Herzog, and a space toilet. It also has the original movies -- in new 4K versions, no less. Not surprisingly, they are full of goofy CGI and awkward Hayden Christiansen cameos. They're pretty much the same edits as on the Blu-Ray versions ... with one significant exception.

Perhaps the most contentious of George Lucas' alterations to the original Star Wars is the scene in which Han Solo shoots Greedo. Originally, Han straight-up murders the green alien holding him at gunpoint. We don't actually see the shot, but we do see an unconvincing Greedo explode like a mannequin made out of fireworks and Samsung phones.

THAT Controversial 'Star Wars' Scene Is Different On Disney+

THAT Controversial 'Star Wars' Scene Is Different On Disney+

In the 1997 Special Edition, Lucas famously re-edited the scene so that Greedo shot first ... and somehow embarrassingly missed an immobile target three feet away, enraging fans but invigorating the novelty T-shirt industry. While it's been tinkered with in subsequent releases, the events of the scene have remained mostly the same.

Until now. Oddly, in the Disney+ version, the scene has been altered yet again. As pointed out by Star Wars Visual Comparisons on Twitter, now Han and Greedo seemingly shoot simultaneously. Like soul mates.

Star Wars Visual Comparisons VC @StarWarsVisComp On my early morning scrub-through, it looks like the timing has been adjusted farther and they now sh

Even odder, there's now an entirely new shot, a close-up of Greedo in which he says what sounds like "maclunkey." It isn't subtitled, but presumably it's Rodian for "Oh shit, I'm going to die in this filthy dive bar, aren't I? Why didn't I live life to its full potential?"

While this change is predictably puzzling the internet (with some putting the blame on Disney), if we're to believe this Twitter exchange with Lucasfilm's Pablo Hidalgo, the culprit is unsurprisingly Lucas himself. Apparently this new 4K version was overseen by Lucas "a few years back" for a planned 3D re-release which never happened. Apologies if you thought "Maclunkey" was secretly Rey's dad or something.

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