Your Brain on Cracked

Have you ever wondered what it's like inside the mind of a Cracked writer? Well, thanks to some cutting edge, experimental science that we're almost certain is legal, Cracked scribe Dr. Jordan Breeding has offered to open his skull for all to examine and film the proceedings. Please see the Gofundme link below to fully fund the procedure to close Jordan's skull, by the way. We're about $20 away from our goal, or $35 if you factor in the case of beer we bet on Jordan surviving the experiment. 

Anyway, Jordan's brain is full of interesting observations, exploring deleted scenes that must've happened in movies and critiquing the Justice League's driving skills. Jordan's even close to fixing the Oscars, which is why we really need to sew his skull back up. So really: watch this video on supervillains becoming the same, then mail a check of money to “Cracked” c/o Dr. Jordan Breeding, under the heading “Real Science Experiments For A Real Doctor.” It's the only way Jordan can keep making these. 


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