5 Kids Movies Way Darker Than You Realized

5 Kids Movies Way Darker Than You Realized

Is Mowgli a piece of crap in Jungle Book? Is it possible for The Iron Giant to be even sadder than it already is? Is Mater from Cars literally Satan? This week, Pediatric "Doctor" Jordan Breeding puts on a non-threatening baseball cap and dives into several kid's movies that are way darker and sadder than we ever realized.

Inspired by the articles 5 Movies With Horrifying Aftermaths, 5 Nightmarish Implications Of Classic Kids' Movies, and 5 Heroes Who Were Secretly The Evilest People In The Movie.

Writer: Jordan Breeding
Director of Photography: Caleb Gritsko
Editing: Andy Sowar, Jordan Breeding, Caleb Gritsko
Bumper Artwork: Grace Breeding
Special Thanks: Devin Byam

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