Urban Legends

We here at Cracked claim to be relative experts at lots of things. Our Borg-like collective of writers have been churning out comedy articles on pop culture, history, science, art, video games, and our favorite topic, “etc,” for so long that we're confident in our knowledge. But booksmarts (or internet comedysmarts) are no substitute for experience. That's why we're super qualified to write about urban legends. See, Bat Boy—yes, that Bat BoyBat Boy maybe mailed Cracked anthrax. Not Batman, not Spider-Man, not Smedley Butler. Of all the famous article subjects to get in touch with us. Like, Patton Oswalt sat down for a nice interview, but Bat Boy (maybe) mailed us anthrax.

Okay, enough about us. Maybe you just wanna curl up under a warm blanket right before bed and read through our multi-part series of creepy urban legends that happen to be true. Or comfort yourself and salute your modern intellect by reading about some silly and wacky urban legends from history. Or maybe you're interested in manufacturing standards for electric fans in South Korea, but like, make the South Korean fans murderous. We'd say “happy reading,” but we heard that if you type “happy reading” three times, a cursed comedy article comes out of your computer and murders you. Probably superstition. Happy rea…


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