What can be said about the NFL that hasn't already been said about about a demogorgon? Professional football in America is big business, with some of America's greatest capitalists as team owners. And now player salaries are in the hundreds of millions!

All that said, the NFL is undeniably fun. It's an excuse to have beer and pizza at noon on a Sunday with your friends, or an excuse to embarrass your coworkers with your fantasy football prowess. We have fun with the NFL here at Cracked, too, what with expert-level draft analysis that would make Mel Kiper, Jr. weep over his Big Board. Does that hack Kiper know how high a bear would go in the NFL draft? We didn't think so. All we know is what our Chicago staff told us, which is that the Bears would probably be too stupid to draft a bear. Hey, speaking of stupid, you won't believe the bonkers reason we have NFL broadcasts

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