As the 2021 NFL season kicks off, let's look back at the beginnings of the National Football League.

WHAT'S THE DEAL: FOUNDING OF THE NFL Welcome To The NFL nrg As summer turns to fall, fans across the country rejoice at the return of football, both real and fantasy. Football is so ingrained in American culture that you'd think the Pilgrims brought it over on the Mayflower, but it's a little more recent.

WHAT'S THE DEAL: FOUNDING OF THE NFL Teaming Up sun BRADY 2 CRACKED.COM By 1966, there were two pro football leagues: The APFA (now the NFL) & the American Football League (AFL). On June 8, 1966, the leagues announced a merger, creating not only the modern NFL, but the Super Bowl. The years since are often referred to as the Super Bowl Era.

Source: History

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