The 90s

The ‘90s were so radical the military gave soldiers skateboards. If that’s not bodaciously x-treme enough for you, femme fatales started killing people with their legs. And if THAT'S not capital-X X-TREME enough for you…there used to be an X-rated White House website. Booya, home slice, and if you're not tuff enuff 2 handle it, go cry to you Beanie Babies.

If you really need a ‘90s primer, watch sitcoms. Seinfeld, Friends, Fresh Prince…the decade lives in TV. Even children’s cartoons were prescient: animated superhero series primed us for cinematic universes. The ‘90s was an excellent time for technology, with the rise of dot coms leading to an economic boom we’re sure ended well without looking it up. Plus GPS was invented! It was terrible-on-purpose GPS sabotaged by the US military, but still GPS. As far as politics in the 90s, well…Ace of Base were secretly Nazis, and they were like a huge huge band. We swear we didn't realize that was foreshadowing at the time. 


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