20 Awesome Indie Movies from the ’90s (The World Barely Remembers Today)

20 Awesome Indie Movies from the ’90s (The World Barely Remembers Today)

Making an indie movie isn’t easy, and yet during the ’90s they were all the rage. Of course, the best-known ones are, well, the best-known. We’re talking universally acclaimed and still discussed stuff like The Virgin Suicides, Jungle Fever, Kids, Welcome to the Dollhouse, The Usual Suspects, Clerks, Before Sunrise, and, of course, Pulp Fiction. Yet in a decade dominated by your Tarantinos and Lees and Linklaters and Smiths, it is easy to forget other awesome indie movies that totally deserve a rewatch — or if you haven’t seen them, for you to get your act together, reader. But wait, only after this Pictofact.

Indeed, today we discuss 20 awesome indie movies from the ’90s that you probably forgot about. And we know the smartest amongst you will surely remember a bunch of these, so allow us to remind you that rhetorical flourishes were part of the witty, self-aware banter that defined the‘’90s, so we’re totally on track with the postmodern flair here. Also, the wittiest scripts of the decade were constructed by David E. Kelley for the first few seasons of Ally McBeal, but that is neither here nor there, just wanted to put it out there. Once it’s written, it can’t be unwritten, you know? That’s how language (and fake news) functions. Anyway, we’re rambling – oh yes, witty banter, ’90s dialogues, ’90s indie movies. Awesome, The point is: Harvey Weinstein sucks, we totally forgot about The Last Supper, Fight Club isn’t indie because it was produced by Fox, and, well, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Enjoy!


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