Quentin Tarantino – critical and commercial film darling. One of the most lauded and praised directors of the last thirty years, his films have collectively grossed over 2 billion dollars and collectively grossed out nearly every audience member who doesn’t have the stomach for excess violence and (presumably) fake blood. There are tons (that’s lots and lots squared) of interesting backstories and facts about the making of his films. No stranger to controversy despite his successes, or maybe because of them, Tarantino still holds a vaunted place in the hearts and minds of many film lovers everywhere. Even with some of those, well, questionable at best decisions and practices on his film sets. But, we’re here to share facts, not moralize (at least not too much), so here’s a fact: apparently, Eli Roth’s performance in Inglourious Basterds was built partly on the music of Hannah Montana. Let us tell you about that, and another 14 weird details from Tarantino’s movies.

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