Richard Linklater Is Making A Musical Over The Next 20 Years

Up to his old 'Boyhood' shenanigans once again.
Richard Linklater Is Making A Musical Over The Next 20 Years

Merrily Roll We Roll Along is one of Stephen Sondheim's most beloved shows, even if it is a little up its own ass, what with being a Broadway musical about a Broadway composer. The story unfolds over 20 years, and director Richard Linklater is going to stay true to that conceit by filming his movie adaptation of the show a little at a time over 20 real years. This man would rather roll the dice and assume he and his cast will all survive two decades than hire a reasonably talented makeup artist.

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The smirk of a man who knows he'll be directing this movie as a brain in a jar attached to a megaphone.

You might remember that Linklater has already worked in this style of spinning procrastination into Oscar gold, since it was this exact innovative technique of working two days a year that gave us Boyhood. It's safe to assume that once he got the green light for Merrily We Roll Along, Linklater told Siri to set a reminder for "Win Best Picture" in February 2040.

Boyhood was shot over 12 years, and now Merrily We Roll Along will be shot over 20 years. Assuming this pace keeps up and medical breakthroughs lengthen human lifespans enough, Linklater might be the first director to shoot a movie that chronicles in real time one man's ascension from a corporeal being to a floating cloud of consciousness while aboard an interstellar ark en route to the Andromeda Galaxy. It will be autobiographical.

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