Steven Spielberg

There have been movies made in the last 40 years that were untouched by the hand of Steven Spielberg. We know this is true. But now you've asked us, we can't name one. Here's an article about Spielberg almost ruining a Monkey Island film, and that's how we found out he was involved in a Monkey Island film. Spielberg made maybe the most ripped off movie in history, and it's not the one you're thinking. Nope, not that one either. Nope, not…look, you gotta click the article to find out. 

Spielberg is everywhere, especially all over this site. We've theorized that Jurassic Park is a dark allegory for disasters on The Twilight Zone movie, we've explored NASA's meddling with Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, and we've talked about how Ready Player One owes its existence to Spielberg while also being his worst movie. We love Stevie Spielies around here. Just make sure to watch Spielberg movies in theaters, or he'll dump an army of gremlins and velociraptors in your house. 


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