It seems like Steven Spielberg has made 1,500 movies. He's definitely affected a lot of people with his work. Except maybe Ready Player One, that wasn't so good, but hey, they all can't be gems. For every one of those there’s a bunch that are forever burned on our brains: ET, Raiders, Schindler’s List. It goes on and on…

With such a vast and voluminous output, there's definitely tons of cool stuff in the movies you might not know about and for sure behind the scenes nuggets that are a welcome addition to anybody's movie trivia hard drive. 

For instance, filming Jaws might seem like it would be a scary project to be a part of but it turns out most of the extras had an absolute blast filming the beach scenes. So much so that they caused issues for the production. More on that and 30 other Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes facts about iconic Spielberg films:

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