15 Facts About The Making Of The Unconventional Holiday Classic, “Gremlins”

15 Facts About The Making Of The Unconventional Holiday Classic, “Gremlins”

From the long but fascinating origin story of the 1984 classic to the case of the pooping monkey, here’s a list of some behind-the-scenes facts about the making of that movie with the microwave.

Gizmo's sounds

Gremlins Gizmo's sounds were created by Howie Mandel. Yeah, those sounds weren't audio tricks. They came from a real guy. Howie Mandel has also done the voice of Bobby from Bobby's World, and Skeeter from Muppet Babies. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNN

Gremlins on a plane

Gremlins The origins of Gremlins- Part I The GREMLINS FROM THE WALT DISNEY PRODUCTION A ROYAL AIR FORCE STORY BY Flight Lieutenant Roald Dahl RANDOM HOUSE New York The word gremlin originated from war lore and was said to be mischievous little creatures who caused Royal Air Force planes to malfunction. Soon, the Germans also claimed to have gremlins messing with their planes. Roald Dahl, who served in the RAF, helped popularize this term by writing and publishing The Gremlins in 1942. CRACKED.COM

Source: GamesRadar

What's that on the wing...?

Gremlins The origins of Gremlins- Part II Roald Dahl submitted his 1942 story The Gremlins to the British Information service, who suggested it be passed on to Walt Disney. It was considered for a film project, but never produced. From there, gremlins featured in the Merrie Melodies cartoons and was also the subject matter in that Twilight Zone episode where William Shatner saw something on the wing of a plane-the same episode that would later be turned into the movie where John Lithgow would also see something on the wing of a plane. CRACKED.COM

Source: GamesRadar

Spec script

Gremlins The origins of Gremlins- Part III Screenwriter Chris Columbus initially wrote Gremlins as a spec script, and was inspired by the mice running around his apartment in Manhattan where he was an NYU grad student. The spec script found its way to Steven Spielberg's desk, and the rest is history. CRACKED.COM

Source: IndieWire

Poor Gizmo

Gremlins The dartboard scene was added to appease the frustrated crew. RO 5 1 12 18 14 11 8 10 16 15 7 2 17 The Gizmo puppet-in true gremlin form- had multiple malfunctions, forcing the crew's schedules to be thrown in disarray every time the thing had to be fixed. To get some of that frustration out, the dart scene was added to the script. CRACKED.COM

Source: IndieWire


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