Sketch Comedy

If we told you new Monty Python sketches have been unearthed, would you immediately clicked away from this to go watch them? Probably, right? We'd do the same, but not before asking where you were in 2018 when we published that article. That's the kind of staying power sketch has—even though sketch shows aren't exactly about anything usually, not in the traditional sense, certain performers just worm our way into our brains and funny bones.

 SNL is cultural king of sketch, of course, with Kenan Thompson holding the record for most sketches appeared in. But there are so many other sketch shows that kick the doors in, announce that they're here to knock your socks off, and leave you crying laughing on the floor for hours. Recently, we've all been trying to figure out who did this with I Think You Should Leave and dreading weddings with A Black Lady Sketch Show. But of course, we honor the OGs: probably none of us would be here without Mr. Show



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