No comedy show since Saturday Night Live has been as influential or launched as many careers as Mr. Show.  Here are 14 examples of how Bob and David shaped the future of TV and Internet comedy. 

Bob Odenkirk is a mentor to TIM AND ERIC GRACKEDCOM Odenkirk loved Tim and Eric's early video samples and he agreed to help them develop a show for Adult Swim. A grateful Tim says, it was nice having somebody established like Bob who could call in favors, vouch for you,


ALT-COMICS found a TV home CRAGKEDCO TV viewers got their first chance to see 90s alt-comic scenesters Brian Posehn, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Paul F. Tompkins. Getting to work with Bob and David was really intimidating, says Tompkins. I wish I could have appreciated it more instead of being sO


STARBURNS wrote some out-there sketches Hesitant to join the staff after The Dana Carvey Show tanked, Dino Stamatopolous (aka Community's Starburns) penned some of the weirder Mr. Show sketches, including Pre-Taped, Audition' and Jeepers Creepers.


JACK BLACK says his career is all their fault'' In a way, they launched my career, says Black, who appeared in The Joke: The Musical and Jeepers Creepers: Semi-star. Jack and Tenacious D's Kyle were regulars at tapings. Bob and David were the lightning rod.


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