Rock and Roll

Here's what everyone knows about rock and roll: 1) it ain't noise pollution 2) we want to all nite (and party every day) and 3) putting another dime in the jukebox is the barest minimum you ungrateful jerks can do for Joan Jett. Now, here's all the stuff no one told you about rock and roll that Cracked has been rockin' 'round the clock tonight to bring you:

On vocals, fresh off an alien abduction, Blink 182's Tom DeLonge! Just kidding, we're waiting for Freddy Mercury and David Bowie to finish whatever they're doing backstage.
On lead guitar, the fact that Eddie Van Halen and Slash are POC!
On rhythm guitar, it's the Fender guitar played by everyone except its intended audience!
On bass, The Rolling Stones' Bill Wyman is his own grandpa! 
On drums, we have another Stones appearance, it's a suite-and-tie-clad Charlie Watts punching Mick Jagger!
And of course the one actually writing and producing everything, Prince!

That's Cracked fantasy rock band. Now go read all our articles about that music that will hey hey, my my, never die, and maybe we'll audition your band for the encore.


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