Bill Wyman From The Rolling Stones Is His Own Grandson

He may also be his own grandpa.
Bill Wyman From The Rolling Stones Is His Own Grandson

In the past, we've made note of many relationships between rock stars and much younger partners, relationships that run the spectrum from merely surprising to outright illegal. We've somehow never mentioned Bill Wyman, bassist for the Rolling Stones for 30 years. In 1989, when he was 52, Wyman married for the second time. His bride, Mandy Smith, was 18.

So, that was a little unusual. But their relationship started before she was 18, naturally. They first went public about it when she was 16, which was when it was first legal. Apparently, it had begun even earlier than that. Wyman said he fell in love with her when she was 13. So, this really wasn't a relationship worth celebrating, and at least the marriage ended after just a couple years.

Some men get involved with partners who are older than them, not younger. Take Bill Wyman's son, Stephen. In 1993, Stephen got married to a woman named Patsy Smith, who was 46, while he was just 30. This same year, Bill Wyman married wife number three, Suzanne Accosta, who was 33, roughly his son's age, and they're still married now almost 30 years later and have three children. 

Have you ever noticed how, when an article mentions two people named "Smith," it's convention to say "no relation" after the second name, half-jokingly, so the reader doesn't get confused? We didn't do that in the last paragraph. That's because Patsy Smith had married once before she wed Stephen, and during that first marriage, she'd given birth to Mandy Smith. Stephen Wyman married his own step-grandmother, the exact position of the narrator in the classic song "I'm My Own Grandpa."

Bill, meanwhile, had married his own future step-granddaughter, which not only pushes him to a level of creepiness remarkable even among rock stars but also makes him his own grandson. And possibly also makes him his own grandpa, depending on how far you're willing to torture this logic. 1993, the year he ascended to this role, he left The Rolling Stones, because, according to a quote from Mick Jagger that we're just making up, "This was too weird, even for us." 

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