Excelsior! It's time to talk Marvel! In case you are a recently unfrozen supersoldier who was last conscious when “Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy” was topping the pop charts, Marvel is a chain of restaurants with superhero-themed decor and wait staff. You gotta try the “Fantastic Four Cheese pasta," trust us. Stretchy cheese pull, fiery spice, flavors so delicate they're almost invisible, and a pleasant crunch from these things they sprinkle on top. Breadcrumbs, maybe. Delicious. 

When they're not frying up a fresh batch of “Mutant” chicken wings, Marvel dabbles in the arts. They've got some talent, too: brilliant creators like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, skilled artists like George Pérez—the comics are really good! They've even adapted comics into film, giving new life to forgotten characters. Some of those comic characters even met the Star Trek crew! Pretty good comics and movies, is what we're saying. Sure, Marvel has made questionable decisions as a company, but if this whole restaurant thing doesn't work out, they've definitely got a future in literature and show business. 


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