How 'Ms. Marvel' Foreshadowed Its Plot Twist Weeks Ago

No DeLoreans were harmed.
How 'Ms. Marvel' Foreshadowed Its Plot Twist Weeks Ago

This week’s episode of Ms. Marvel was perhaps the most exciting yet; featuring dramatic fist fights, chase scenes, and even the tragic death of … some guy we literally just met. Most intriguing; the episode ends with Kamala inadvertently travelling back in time to 1947, where she will presumably run into her great-grandmother during the Partition of India, the historical trauma that is at the core of this origin story.  

Which may seem like a pretty shocking twist, except for the fact that the show has been subtly dropping hints that time travel was on the horizon for weeks now. For starters, several fans theorized that Ms. Marvel’s magical bangle is the MCU’s version of Quantum Bands, which are connected to the Quantum Realm – which is of course how The Avengers time-travelled in Endgame, saving the world from Thanos, while also overlooking some other glaringly preventable real-life tragedies. 

And speaking of Endgame’s time travel, the guy who came with that wacky scheme, Scott Lang, keeps getting referenced in Ms. Marvel – from the mentions of his podcast (because even Avengers crave that sweet Squarespace money, apparently) to this week’s inclusion of a mural depicting Ant-Man in a Pakistani train station.

But perhaps most pointedly, back in the second episode, fans noticed that Kamala’s best friend Bruno was randomly dressed like Marty McFly from Back to the Future (and to a lesser extent the deranged Back to the Future animated series). 

In retrospect, that shout-out to Back to the Future seems like a pretty specific piece of foreshadowing, since Kamala has now travelled back in time in order to, potentially, help a past family member out – of course, in this case, she’s aiding an ancestor during one of the worst refugee crises in history, not ensuring that her parents get horny for each other after smothering a teenage bully in horse manure.

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