Behind The Scenes

If there's one thing we miss about the DVD era of movies as opposed to streaming, it's the special features. Deleted scenes, commentary, and especially behind-the-scenes footage. Getting all those little tidbits just adds an extra layer to the film experience. Unfortunately, there is nowhere on the internet or in your local library to learn about BTS drama…until now, when you clicked on this page. 

Have you thought about the monkey from Speed Racer lately? No? Well good, he was kind of a jerk. Want to know how Kevin from The Office smelled after spilling chili on himself? We got you covered. Does your significant other want to watch a horror movie, but you're scared? Here, have a soothing balm of behind-the-scenes goofiness on horror movie sets. Yep, we can't get enough of BTS facts, and remember: DVDs don't exist anymore, and Cracked is your source for BTS news.


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