Ed Brubaker probably had no idea when he created The Winter Soldier as a teenager that the character would go on to appear in a slew of films and a TV program. Similarly, The Falcon altered a lot from the comics to the MCU, but whatever you think of these characters, the fans love them.

Yes, The Falcon has a Tony Stark flying gizmo replacement for his genuine trained bird, and yes, both The Winter Soldier and The Falcon now have Wakandan technology at their finger tips, but we're interested in both advancements. (We'll be even more invested when the Wakandans, disable The Falcon's outfit at 15,000 feet, like they did with The Winter Soldier's arm.)

Regardless, while The Falcon and the Winter Soldier received mixed reviews, both fans and critics can agree that Daniel Brühl's performance as Zemo is a treasure. Brühl not only delivered a fantastic performance, but he also improvised a few fan-favorite Zemo scenes.

Let's look at that, as well as a few other behind-the-scenes tales from the show:

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