"The Wolf of Wall Street" does have a high sex drive and drugs, but it also has a lot of vulgar language. Indeed, it landed a special Guinness World Record for the most profanity in a film. They have used one shocking phrase 569 times in one scene, for an average of 2.81 times in a minute.

According to the latest news, all through their jail time together, Belfort notified Chong about his stories from his life as a Wall Street professional. In turn Chong motivated him to compile those narratives into a nonfiction book, which has become the basis for the film.

When it was released in 2013, everyone expected Leonardo DiCaprio's portrayal of a deceptive Wall Street stockbroker to earn him his 1st Academy Award nomination. Despite the fact that this did not occur, the film was a huge success.

The film and the true-life story on which it is based are both extremely wild, but some of the behind-the-scenes stories may give them both a run for their money. Like:

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