15 Bizarre Scenes That (Almost) Made It Into Famous Movies

15 Bizarre Scenes That (Almost) Made It Into Famous Movies

Boozehound writer and general curmudgeon Ernest Hemingway once said, “The first draft of anything is sh*t.” It's important to look over the first draft in order make sure there aren't that need to axed, altered, or replaced in order to refine the work to its best form. It's the only way to ensure perfection for the audience. It's also the only way ensure protection for the audience, too.

This has ever been truer than in film scripts. Second drafts, rewrites, rewrites, and yet one more, last minute rewrite have saved the general public time and again from seeing some bizarre stuff on the silver screen. Seriously, Jurassic World wasn't perfect to begin with but it still didn't need human-dinosaur hybrids. Commodus was already evil enough in Gladiator and didn't need to gruesomely murder his sister in a brass bull. And the gross peeping scene in that one John Hughes movie? Yuck.

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Bizarre Scenes That Almost Made It Into Famous Movies - Blade Runner's Deckard was going to be super desperate when he faced Roy.
Source: LAist

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