24 Super-Ding-Dong Theories About Celebs

Occam's razor? Who gave Occam the razor in the first place??
24 Super-Ding-Dong Theories About Celebs

Are you familiar with the Beygency? A funny Saturday Night Live parody mocks an all-seeing group that will swoop after you if your name-calling Lady Beyoncé. We recommend that you NOT tangle with them.

Consider the theory that our beloved pop diva is being controlled by far more sinister organizations? What if she was merely a pawn in a huge plot to influence celebrities, lawmakers, and sportsmen while brainwashing ordinary people in the name of world dominance? Can you prove it's NOT true?

In some ways, conspiracy theories are nothing more than real-life fan fiction. Mostly good clean fun and occasionally a fast track to obsession, madness and ruin. Why waste time crafting a different ending to Harry Potter when you can write a different beginning for J.K. Rowling herself?

Here are a few of the most bizarre conspiracy theories that will make you think twice the next time you see a celebrity or public person in public:

THE CONSPIRACY: Miley was bankrolled by Obama. CRACKED.COM THE THEORY: Any time Obama needed a distraction from eating mustard or wearing tan, there w
24 Super-Ding-Dong Theories About Celebs
THE CONSPIRACY: Khloe is O.J.'s daughter. THE THEORY: Kris Jenner, famously the wife of Simpson's lawyer, claims she had an affair with O.J. in the '8
Source: MSN
THE CONSPIRACY: The llluminati killed Eminem Cbecause he wouldn't join their club) CRACKEDCON THE THEORY: He took 5 years to follow up Encore because
THE CONSPIRACY: Michael Jackson's death was a distraction orchestrated by Iran. CRACKEDCON THE THEORY: How better to keep Americans from meddling in A
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