Conspiracy theories are just fan fiction for real life. Why spend your time writing an alternate ending to Harry Potter, when you can write an alternate beginning for J.K. Rowling herself?

Here are some of the more bonkers conspiracy theories that'll make you do a double-take the next time you spot a pop star or public figure in the wild:

THE CONSPIRACY: Miley was bankrolled by Obama. CRACKED.COM THE THEORY: Any time Obama needed a distraction from eating mustard or wearing tan, there w

24 Super-Ding-Dong Theories About Celebs

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THE CONSPIRACY: The llluminati killed Eminem Cbecause he wouldn't join their club) CRACKEDCON THE THEORY: He took 5 years to follow up Encore because

THE CONSPIRACY: Michael Jackson's death was a distraction orchestrated by Iran. CRACKEDCON THE THEORY: How better to keep Americans from meddling in A

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