21 Blink-And-You'll-Miss-It TV And Movie Details

The pen is BLUES.
21 Blink-And-You'll-Miss-It TV And Movie Details
We're not talking about the meticulously planned foreshadowing, or the answers to nagging questions that ended up being right under our noses.

We're talking about the minute details that you'll only pick up on if you're really looking for them. These are the props you're pretty sure you've seen somewhere before, the casual references slipped in by a writer, and the tiny anachronisms that go overlooked by 99% of the viewing audience:
BROAD CITY The Mrs. Doubtfire reference goes deeper. Mara Wilson made a rare cameo as the waitress in this Mrs. Doubtfire homage.
Source: EW
SPIDER-MAN 2 Peter Parker's focus fOus He tells himself to focus, just before crashing down to earth... on top of a Ford Focus.
MISTER ED They smeared peanut butter around Mr. Ed's mouth to make him spEAK. He also had a rider of 20 pounds of hay and a gallon of sweet tea per
THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW Andy's maps are upside-down. Weirder still: why does a sheriff in North Carolina need maps of ldaho and Nevada?
MORK & MINDY Mork's jumpsuit was originally a Star Trek costume. It's from The Savage Curtain, the third-to-last episode in the series. CRACKED.COM
THE RIFLEMAN The Rifleman uses a rifle from the future. The Rifleman He uses a Winchester 1892, but the show takes place in the 1870s and 80s.
BROAD CITY Abbi and llana's doppelgangers. Two identically-dressed women appear to have been maced, a season after Abbi and llana were.
FRIENDS Monica's 11 towel categories J When Monica moves, her towels are boxed and labeled according to her bizarre categorization.
THE BRADY BUNCH The Bradys' back door has no glass. Producers needed to avoid glare, SO they the old glasses-with-no-lenses trick.
FRIENDS Joey's doodle board follows him to Joey. Love G you MAN T The board itself is used for all kinds of Easter eggs and plot hints.
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