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We tend to regard our ancestors with a certain reverence. They were resourceful, they were scrappy, they managed to run from predators long enough to sire some offspring. One thing we don't give them credit for is having a sense of humor. They weren't just scratching out dad jokes. Old writing is packed with legitimately sophisticated humor.

For example:

Entry by Girz

Lighting farts was already funny in the 18th century. I'th' int'rim, fond of mischief telling, The rainbow-goddess flies to Helen: Most modern farts I

Entry by OlPiley

CRACKED Emperor Augustus was a real jokester. When Galba, whose body was deformed by a hump on his back, was pleading before him and a case kept sayin

Entry by Girz

In the Satyricon (1st century CE), an older man seduces his host's son. At first the boy rebuffs him: Either you go to sleep or I'll call father! Bu

Entry by JimMarkus

Cicero was telling lame dad jokes 2, .000 years ago. e Cicero, seeing his son-in-law (a man of small stature) passing by with a large sword by his siD

Entry by maximoo

Doctor, doctor jokes go back to Roman times. Doctor, when I awake from sleep I have a dizziness for half hour. an The physician replied, Awake afte

Entry by JuCa

CRACKED CO Rent in Rome was already too damn high 1.900 years ago. You might buy excellent house Sora, an at Fabrateria, or Frusino, for one year's re
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