Mohammed Shariff

Mohammed Jaleel Shariff is a freelance writer out of New York. He is currently in his third year of school at the University at Buffalo after having spent one year at New York University. He is 17 years old with articles here at Cracked, at TopTenz and at Listverse (links are below).

You can contact him
By email: mohammed.jaleel.shariff@gmail.com
By Facebook: www.facebook.com/mjshariff
By twitter: @mjsharifful


5 Technologies That Prove We've Caught Up With Star Wars

Since the day the first Star Wars movie was released, fans have been donning bathrobes and making lightsaber noises with their mouths while swinging broom-handles around their kitchens. it turns out that science is no exception to fandom: They've been working 'round the clock to bring Star Wars tech to life, and they're actually succeeding

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