11 Villainized Celebrities Who Used to Be the Good Guy

Johnny Depp travels with a Jack Sparrow costume just so he can visit kids in hospitals.
11 Villainized Celebrities Who Used to Be the Good Guy

Welcome to the world of celebrity good deeds. We all know celebrities can be a controversial bunch, but it’s not all bad news. Some of these famous faces have done some good things in their lives, even if they’re not always the most popular people. Here we’ll look at 12 forgotten good deeds by widely disliked celebrities. 

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From Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia revisiting an old grudge, to Bill Cosby suggesting a “nice guy as far as we know” award, to Lance Armstrong raising almost half a billion dollars for cancer research, to Mel Gibson winning an Oscar for directing ‘Braveheart’, to Lindsay Lohan’s work in ‘Georgia Rule’, to Tiger Woods setting up a charity and learning center, to Kanye West being called a “true artist”, to Johnny Depp taking his Captain Jack Sparrow costume to hospitals, to Woody Allen’s generous contribution to rebuild La Fenice opera house, to Roseanne Barr’s political shift, to O.J. Simpson being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame - these celebrities have done some good in the world, at some point, even if they’re not always the most popular people (for good reasons or not). 

Praise for Kevin Spacey ... back then.

CRACKED KEVIN SPACEY Kevin Spacey, by many accounts, did a great job of bringing the Old Vic theater in London back to life during his 11 years as artistic director. In 2015, many famous actors praised him at a special event.

BBC / Vox 

Livestrong: Half a billion dollars later.

CRACKED DIscovery CHANNEL KIB PRO CYCLING TEAM Scovery DISCOVER LANCE ARMSTRONG In 1996, Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer and the following year he set up the Livestrong Foundation to help fight the disease. Since then, the foundation has raised almost half a billion dollars for cancer research.

CNN / Indystar 

Helping out 16,000 students since 2006.

CRACKED TIGER WOODS Tiger Woods has set up his own charity, the Tiger Woods Foundation, and the first Tiger Woods Learning Center. Since it opened in 2006, it has helped out 16,000 students.

Reuters / CNN 

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